Advent! A Countdown to Christmas!

Advent has begun and I am so excited!  Advent is such a fun season when we anticipate the coming of Christ at Christmas each year.  It is a time to prepare our hearts for Christmas and the true reason of this whole season.  

This year I made a homemade advent calendar!  I am so excited to finally get to use this!  Last year I wanted to make an advent calendar, but this was before I realized I could actually do something somewhat artsie or creative.  To this year have my own homemade calendar...well let's just stay I'm very proud to see the change that has occurred in my life!

It all started with 24 homemade envelopes.  I purchased a pack of vintage Christmas paper and transformed it into 24 unique Christmas envelopes.  I then stuffed the envelopes with our Advent activities.  There are two categories for each day of Advent: Scripture Reading and Christmas Activity.  

I really want this year to be a year where Josh and I focus on Jesus as the reason for the season and so I included both a fun Christmas activity and a scripture reading.  The scripture reading will help keep our eyes focused on God as the world around us spins into a crazy Christmas frenzy.

Each envelope was labeled with numbers indicating how many days we have left until Christmas is here.  The numbers were cut out of scraps from the envelopes.  Each number was done freehand so the varying sizes add to the homemade look of this calendar.  

Each day leading up to Christmas day, I will be documenting our Advent adventures and sharing them with you!  So be sure to check back everyday to see all the Christmas fun.


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