Instagram & Another Catching Up Notice!

Here I find myself again apologizing for not being faithful to my blog over these past few days!  A few of the reason stand to be that my cold is ever dragging on and my energy levels have been beyond low, we have been dog sitting away from our home, and Christmas is only a few hours away!

There is so much to do and so little time and sadly so little energy!  I get exhausted walking down the stairs to my car and driving let alone accomplishing anything.  Soon this cold will pass, but until then I won't leave you hanging!

It is Big Time, Catch Up Time!

Here is a look at the last four days' Instagrams of my DRESSember!

Shortly I will be sharing all of the detailed shots (which don't have a blurry filter), but for now Instagram is here to the rescue!

If you want to be keeping up with my Instagram daily find me there @kaitlinsaenz!