DRESSember 20th, 2011

Tuesday's outfit is a new favorite!  I literally never would have thought to do this without this Dressember challenge!

The dress is a lovely black and white patterned.  The stripes in this dress change direction at the waist and although this dress used to be flattering on my when I did have the hips I have today, now it just does not work.  Yet when you add a white dress shirt and a skinny belt magically this dress works again!

I love the chunky necklace paired with this softer look of the flowing skirt and blouse.  I also chose to wear a blue belt instead of a black one for that additional interest.

The shoes are the perfect pop of color!  I love the yellow and the red found on my nails.  These two colors with the blue belt give me pops of color through our primary colors.  I really like the way it all ties the outfit together by giving it interest.

What do you think?!