DRESSember 24th, 2011

Dressember 24th, Christmas Eve has always been one of my favorite days!  Our family has our big Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve every year.  We go to our church's candlelight service, eat a big prime rib dinner, and exchange presents.  

I wore one of my favorite dresses.  It is a black lace dress which I wore as a getaway dress after our wedding.  I paired the dress with my darling black heals, and pearls.  I also had a coat to keep me warm, which ended up being a lifesaver at church since it was so cold in there.  The beautiful white coat is actually my friend Jenna's coat.  She is too pregnant to be able to wear it this season so she was so thoughtful to let me barrow it this dress season!

It has always been a night where we as a family has dressed up. So here we all are!  

Merry Christmas to you from the Saenz and Erwin clan!