DRESSember 6th, 2011

Happy Dressember 6th!

Today's dress is a lovely all white vintage inspired piece.  It has a flowy skirt and an attached eyelet top which looks like a blouse.  I added a cozy cashmere sweater on top which allows the eyelet to pop out of the top.  With the pairing of a belt and boots, my husband calls this my look for a weekend in the Hamptons.   

It is crazy to me that I have worn a dress 6 days in a row thus far.  Typically I wear a dress or a skirt and then swear them off for awhile.  I've always hated the restraint it can put on what you can do, but I am loving this challenge!  I love femininity and this has been fun exploring my options!

I so love this look, because I never would have thought to put it together unless I'd been challenged by Dressember!  The dress is a cute dress I got a few  years back and have hardly worn.  I've always felt like it didn't fit me properly, but with the sweater it works beautifully!


  1. oooo love this dress too! The colors and the belt are perfect!


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