I know you are supposed to make your New Year resolutions before the first, but I'm still thinking about what my resolutions will be!  Today at church one of our elders preached about resolving to follow the greatest commandment found in Mark 12:32-34 which is to love God and love others.  When this commandment is followed everything else will fall into place and get done, but when it isn't-it doesn't matter what you get done.  That is a powerful statement!  

So my number one resolution this year is to be connected to God as my source so that I can love God and love others!  Therefore I will be able to do the other resolutions and have them not be meaningless.
I also want to make a few other resolutions about health and money spending habits, but I still need to think about what is doable and most likely to be carried out.

What are your resolutions this year?  Maybe I can be inspired by what you all are doing!


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