Stop Dress Static Cling

After a month of dresses, you have to learn a couple of tricks of the trade.  I had a few days of some serious static cling.  

Again I decided to try a little piece of advice I'd heard once upon a time.  I was reminded of this truth on a day when my dress was extra clingy (see above) and so I gave it a try.  The advice: rub a dryer sheet underneath your dress and the cling will disappear.  

Tested and it did in fact work!  A small warning, this is not a permanent solution.  About 2 hours latter the cling returned, but if you just throw a dryer sheet in your purse you can always run to the bathroom and get another few hours of freedom from cling.


  1. Good advice! I've even used hairspray!!
    Drop by going on to celebrate 100+!!



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