Bread in a Can? YES!

I just love finding unique ways to package and give gifts.  So when I stumbled upon this idea to bake bread inside of a tin can I was certainly intrigued.  

I made this incredible Spiced Stout Bread (thanks Martha Stewart) and choose to bake it and give it as a gift in a tin can.  After the bread was cooked and cooled I covered the can with parchment paper.  I secured the placement of the paper with a little twine.  Furthermore, I wrapped the bottom half of the tin with twine, about an inch thick, to add some interest.  

Prepping your can:
      • Throughly wash the inside of your can
      • Use pliers to push in any pieces of metal that are sticking out from when the can was originally opened
      • Grease the inside of your can with melted butter
      • Fill your can only 3/4th of the way full with your batter

This was a fabulous gift and people were so surprised to find a loaf of bread inside of their can!


  1. I love it!!! I would be thrilled to receive this as a gift!

  2. You've brought back memories of when my mom used to bake date nut bread in vegetable/bean cans...oh my gosh that was years ago, and I can still smell that wonderful baked bread smell!


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