Off to Winter Camp!

I am sooo excited!  We are leaving in a little under 2 hours for a weekend up in Big Bear!  Josh and I along with 11 leaders are taking 51 Jr. High and High School kids up to camp.  This is the first year we are doing winter camp indecent from an organized camp.  So there are so many more details to consider, but I think we are going to have a lot more fun!  

We have four vacation rentals, we are bringing in an outside speaker and worship leader, we are going skiing/snowboarding, enjoying time together, and having a fun filled three days!

I can't wait to see what God does in the lives of our students!  It should be amazing!  If you think of it, we would love prayers!


  1. The retreats are so important and so much fun! I know HE will guide y'all along the way!

  2. Hey sweets,
    I have been "following" you for a while, but now it's official! Straight added you up, girl.

  3. Grandma Barb turned me on to your blog and I am so glad to meet you! It looks as though I can learn a lot from you! I'm looking forward to following your postings!

    Warm wishes from Kansas!


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