Personalize a Candle-Quick!

Sometimes finding someone that "perfect" gift is near impossible.  I always long to give people gifts that are "so them."  Often times the gift I've imagined doesn't exist...or at least I can't find it.  That is why I love slightly modifying found/bought objects to give them a personal touch.

I bought this beautifully scented soy candle and wanted to give it a little more personality.  This gift was to be given to my father-in-law and his girlfriend.  Their house has a Tommy Bahama theme and so I wanted the candle to fit their style.  

  • First I added a large paisley printed sheet of scrapbook paper.  
  • Next I added a band of twine (that was a given).  
  • I then cut out a piece of cardboard and placed it with the textured side exposed to add some interest.
  • The Final touch was to add a lovely sticker which embodies the free-spirited beach theme in their home.  

My goal was to subtly add character to this simple glass candle.  By adding a few simple elements, I was about to achieve a personalized candle which did not stray from the original integrity of the candle.  

PS: They loved it!  Mission accomplished!