Cake Decorating Contest

Who doesn't love a good looking cake?  It is always fun to see what sort of creative ideas can manifest themselves in the baking of a cake.  Last week the students of my school entered their creative cakes in a cake decorating contest.  I was amazed and inspired.

Here are a few of my favorites:

This birds nest was so darn cute and it seemed like something I could try to create myself!

Who doesn't love some pop corn?  I thought this was a creative one as well.  The girl who made this one used fruit roll-ups to get those nice stripes and real pop corn.

Now for my favorite!  Little burger and fries baskets...too cute right?!  Reminded me of something out of Top Chef Just Desserts!

The boy who made these used a corn bread for the buns, carrot cake for the patties, sugar cookies for the fries and frosting for the rest of it.

This looks like so much fun!  I want to try to make my own creative cake...maybe this summer!

Which one was your favorite? Who would you have voted for?


  1. Love the burgers! I made cupcake ones one time and they were a total hit. Cake decorating is fun I love seeing people's creative ideas!


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