Creating a Coffee House!

Who doesn't love the vibe of a coffee house?  Now I'm not talking Starbucks or a chain shop, but a local eclectic shop.  It is charming and inviting!  Our youth group put on an outreach event a few weeks ago to invite their friends to a night of music, art, and of course coffee!  Our task was to transform our youth room into an inviting, coffee filled environment.

Check out Hope Coffee!

We first start with the set up of the room.  We brought in an assortment of tables, chairs, couches, and rugs making several smaller spaces within our large room.  Using unique pieces brought instant character to our coffee shop.

Next we focused on lighting.  Ambiance is everything in a coffee house and we hoped to achieve a warm and inviting environment through the use of lights.  We brought in lamps, lanterns, candles, twinkle lights, and canisters to add white light and warmth throughout the space.

Art was the next element to be installed.  Students had brought their art to be put on display before the event began.  The task of hanging and placing each piece was essential.  We then spotlighted the art through the use of canister lights.

An element of fun.  A photo both.  One of our leaders set up and ran our photo both for the evening.  A unique yellow chair, twinkle lights, and a large frame were the key components that made this photo both a success.  Simply add people and memories are captured.

The purpose of this event was to welcome in people who don't typically attend our group.  We created a check-in booth as a starting place for everyone who attended.  Everyone was then welcomed and invited to add their thumb print to the tree.  The collection of prints reminds us that we are all a part of a bigger picture.

Bring in live music and this youth room turned coffee house came to life!  It was incredible to hear and see the talent that filled the room.  Student performers were gifted and were warmly welcomed by all who attended. 

As the evening commenced the room filled up quickly.  There were many faces, new ones along with familiar ones.  It was a wonderful night to be hang out and enjoy one another's company.  We savored the art, music, and the incredible Hope coffee!

This night showcased the talents of the students in our community and brought everyone together.  It was such a wonderful evening!


  1. What a cool room! Hope those kids know how lucky they are! My youth group met in an old trailer. (-: I wouldn't trade the memories though.

  2. newest follower - super excited :)


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