Picnic Date Night

My husband and I so see the importance of setting time aside for each other each week.  We want to keep the romance alive in our marriage and by having a weekly date night we are able to maintain the priority of our relationship.  In order to have a weekly date night, we had to put some regulations into place.  We have been budgeting and working hard to be good stewards of our finances and so have set aside $40 a month for our dates.  Now $40 could easily be spent in one night, but we decided to accept the challenge of a $10 date night.  Each week we have budgeted $10 towards our date night.  This forces us to be creative in our weekly dates.  We've come up with several $10 dates over the past 6 months, but about a month ago we kind of hit a rough spot.  We started to be redundant in how we spent our time together, so this past week I decided to shake things up a bit.

The weather has been wonderful lately and so I thought we should venture out on a picnic.  I created a list of important components to ensure we'd enjoy a lovely evening together.  I found out that a small pizza from BJ's is $9.97 and so I gathered all of the necessary components for a picnic and ordered us a picnic.

I piled everything we needed into my bike's basket and the two of us headed out for an evening picnic.  We picked up our pizza and then crossed the street to Rancho's central park.  We enjoyed a lovely meal together and some great conversation.  


I love having time set aside each week to connect with my husband.  There is no talk of work or to-do lists, just the two of us.  It is in those moments that I fully feel how truly lucky I am to have such a wonderful husband!

$9.97 for a wonderful, romantic date night.  I'm loving our $10 date nights!


  1. i love this! keep your hubby first and keep the friendship thriving and you'll always be madly in love! blessings to you both!

    i'm a follower of yours. I'd love it if you popped over to my blog to follow me too :)


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