Throwback Thursday: Easy Decor with Books

Happy Throwback Thursday and First Day of Summer!  I'm a little more excited about the first day of summer part, but I'll still share something from my blog-past!  I just love these books I created last summer.  They have been so versatile and great for adding pops of white as I decorate my home.  You really could choose any paint color you'd like to add a decor element to your home! Check it out...


As I mentioned I love decorating with books.  A few months back we had gotten a couple of magazines from Pottery Barn and West Elm that had white books used as extra decor in their layouts.  I tucked that idea away and finally this past Saturday I was able to bring that idea to life in our home!  (I have been so busy with life and the end of the school year the past few days that I've been procrastinating on blogging...well no more)!

I knew I could create that look for next to nothing with supplies I already owned...and yes I was successful.

I took a few old paperback books and tore off the covers and the spine.  I then painted them with 2 coats of white paint and left them out to dry.  Once dry, five days later (okay it didn't take that long to dry...I was procrastinating!), I tied them together with some left over twine and perfcto! 

I just love the way they turned out!  I plan to use them in my summer decor around the house.

Perhaps I'll need to make some more since they turned out so well and they look great everywhere I put them!