Day 5!

5 days of dresses and I'm loving it!  Dressember is so much fun!

I really like my outfit today.  It took me a little while to figure out how to make this one work, but once I did I was set.  

Today's story comes to us from Ethiopia via my boots.  I got these boots as I was preparing to leave for Ethiopia.  I searched and searched for a good pair of leather boots since we would be in the rainy season and needed something to that I could wipe down each day.  When I found these I thought they were perfect and it turns out they were!  

In Ethiopia shoe shinning is huge.  On nearly every street side people have their shoes shined.  Since the roads are made of dirt, your shoes become dirty quickly.  At the conference we attended, a group of Ethiopian Campus Crusade staff were shinning shoes to raise funds to be able to attend a conference in Nigeria.  Every day in the cold they'd shine shoes.  I had the privilege of having my shoes shined and supporting them.  It was an awesome experience!  It was a great time to talk with them and hear the ways God was working in their ministries in Ethiopia.  

I'll always remember the day I got my shoes shined in Ethiopia.