DRESSember 1st, 2012

Can you believe December is already here?! I can't believe that a year ago I started a month long journey through my dress wardrobe. This year it's round two!

 I'm looking forward to seeing how God's grace sees me through this next month and what I learn from this experience! I love being feminine and I know that the way I express that will be stretched.

This year I wanted to share more than just the dresses, but the stories behind them. Everything we wear tells a part of our story-wether we got a piece on an amazing trip or were gifted it-it shares a little of who we are.

The dress I'm wearing today has been nicknamed the 'Ethiopia dress.' I got this dress while preparing to go on the trip of a lifetime. This past summer my good friend Margie and I went to Ethiopia to be a part of what God is doing there in the lives of women. We joined the Rise and Shine conference which trained and equipped Ethiopian women to go share Christ. It was an incredible trip-one that changed my life! So when I wear this dress I think about the journey God took me on as He called me to go to Ethiopia.