DRESSember 2nd!

Happy Sunday everyone! Today was such a fun day spending time with our church family! It was so fun to go to church this morning and see four of the ladies from church who I've recruited to join me this DRESSember!

When I first put on my outfit this morning, I was feeling a little stretched in my style comfort zone.  As the day has come to a close, I'm feeling confident and loving this outfit! A summer dress has been truly transformed! By simply adding a loose blouse and tying it up, it's been changed.

Today's story behind the outfit leads me to this past summer. My earrings remind me of the crazy American Bible Challenge adventure I went on this past summer. Margie, my pastor's wife, asked me to join her to make a team of pastor wives to try out for this new game show. Although I'm not sure why, I agreed and therefore got a peak into the TV world. We were selected to do b-roll (filming of our back story) and had a day of adventurous filming. It was a crazy day and a lot of fun! I wore this vibrant blue top and paired these fabulous earrings with it. Today I'm reminded to celebrate the time I stepped out of my comfort zone as I put myself out there with Holywood and then my dress pairing of the day!

So excited to journey with these ladies and share their great outfits with all of you too!