DRESSember 4th!

Happy Tuesday!  I just love Tuesdays.  I'm home from teaching, but still get to tutor.  Its a day to take care of my home, myself, visit with friends, and go to Bible study.  Always a much needed day after Monday!

Today my outfit is super comfy-perfect for a Tuesday!  This colorful spaghetti strap dress has been Dressember proofed by the addition of a scarf, sweater, and boots. 

Today my story is brought to you by way of my sunglasses.  I love these puppies!  I've had them for years!  Got them in Hawaii on a family trip we took my junior year of high school.  They always remind me of the fun time we had as a family.  We had such a great trip just the four of us.  It was our last trip that remained just us four.  Later trips all included either family or friends and eventually my hubby!  As great as our trips have been since then, I'll always cherish those times we had just us four.