Mango Infused Iced Tea

Refreshing and crisp, mango infused iced tea, is a lovely afternoon treat.

Steep loose leaf Peet's Tea-Buddha Peak Ceylon- in hot water as you would typically.  Add frozen mango to the water as it steeps.  Once tea is steeped, pour contents into a cocktail shaker and shake.  The cocktail shaker will break up the mango so you can better experience the mango flavors.

Presentation is key.  I made glass tags out of an old thank you card. 
 Simply cut off cover of card, fold, hole punch, and string.  Label in an elegant script and you're ready to attach to mason jars.

After mixing contents in a cocktail shaker, pour over ice and serve.

A fresh, health conscious way to quench your thirst.


  1. I love tea...and mango, so I am willing to bet that this is just wonderful.


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