Back to the Basics

Life has remained un-simple in the life of the Not So Simple Housewife.  Perhaps that is why I've been M.I.A. from blogging.  I've been caught up in the business that so easily entangles.  I feel like I've lost a little piece of me as I've stopped pursuing creativity and keeping a record of life.

Life has been busy and as exciting as ever.

Josh and I moved out of our apartment of 3 years and moved in with my parents for the summer as we've been shopping around for a place to call home.  We are so excited to announce that our escrow will close next Friday and we will be officially homeowners!  I am looking forward to having a blank slate.  I see so much potential in our new place and can't wait to see how the house becomes our new home!

With even greater excitement I want to share that Josh and I are expecting our first!  Yes that's right...I'm pregnant!  We are so excited to see our family grow and to have the opportunity to be parents.  It is an exciting new chapter in the Saenz world and I'm thrilled to share the journey!

With that said, I'm excited to get back to the basics of blogging.  I love having a place to express myself and share the little pieces of life that bring me and those around me joy.  I hope you'll welcome me back and join me as we turn the page to start a new chapter of life and my blog!


  1. Welcome back! You have some exciting things to look forward to...a new home and baby on the way!

  2. Life is never simple but is always a fun adventure...and the truth is sometimes not so fun. :)
    Good Luck and always keep God close!!!!


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