Throwback Thursday: Twine Letter Design

As we prepare to move into our place on Saturday (eek!), I'm excited to start to decorate our new space.  I love looking back at past projects and becoming inspired.

Throwback to May 18, 2011

I love monograms.  I've been wanting to get an "S" for sometime to decorate our bookshelf with, but just haven't found the right one.  Then I was thinking I could paper mache one, but that was all before I thought of making a twine "S."

The moment I thought of the idea, I wanted to get to work.  So I grabbed a paper plate and freehanded an "S."  This was a bit more challenging than I had anticipated, but after about three tries I was satisfied with what I had.

 So I cut it out...

...and started to wrap the letter.

I kept wrapping and having to stop from time to time to cut off the extremely frayed sections of the twine.

Finally it was finished and after a quick trim to tame the beast...yes it was beastly. . . 

It was finished and looked great!

Love it.  Probably my favorite twine project!