Tutorial: Anthropologie Fashion from My Closet

I've always loved the store Anthropologie.  The way they mix patterns and textures intrigues me.  Their price tags do not. 

My Nana sent me a couple of dresses that she thought I might be able to wear during pregnancy.  As the baby and I both grow, I don't want my sense of fashion to fade.  As I admired the patterns of this Jams dress (anyone else's remember this 90's beach attire?) I was inspired to try to create an Anthro look of my own.

Mixing patterns and styles accomplished the look.  Going bold by adding a pop of interest with this Ukrainian necklace. The more subtle additions of earrings, a belt, and wedges tie together the look. These earrings, handmade by my dear friend Sarah at Electric Sun Creatives, were the perfect edgy contrast to the florals.  Aren't they amazing?!

With unique pieces from my closet I'm free to be me!


  1. cute!

    way more fun
    to create your own look
    than just to pick someone else's
    out of a catalog!


  2. Hi Kaitlin, Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I must say I love your sense of style! Congrats on the coming new baby! I have four - almost grown the youngest is now 17 - I have six sweet grandkids! I enjoy your blog. What do you teach? I am high school English! Come back and visit again soon.


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