Partnership in Parenthood

Our marriage has taken on a new component: parenthood. 

As Josh and I have embarked on this new journey together we've encountered so many emotions with one another-joy, happiness, excitement, uncertainty, and frustration just to name a few.  No one tells you how wonderful and how trying it can be for your relationship. 

On one hand I am watching my husband transform before my eyes into a father, a wonderfully loving and caring father. On the other hand I see someone who I rely on for support, help, and relief.  It is hard not to put my expectations on him.  He does things differently than I do and I've wanted to step in to help him instead of letting him figure it out on his own. In the beginning this was really a struggle.  With Josh back at work, I was spending significantly more time caring for Josiah and was able to determine early on what 'worked.'  It was therefore hard to not step in and say, "Josh you aren't doing it right...this is what you should do." I am so glad that more times than not, I refrained from stepping in.  Josh has a wonderful way with Josiah.  Our boy loves his daddy and Josh has owned caring for him.  He has figured it out.  It may have taken a little longer and self-restraint on my part, but the payoff is great.  How much more rewarding it has been for me as a wife and mother to see Josh be an amazing father who knows his son. 

As we add parenthood into the ways we engage one another, we have new opportunities to extend love and grace to each other.  My prayer is that we would take these opportunities seriously and not miss them as missing them can (and has) lead to bitterness or anger.  Through God's grace we can become more unified and deeper committed to loving one another. 

The love Josh has for Josiah has grown my love for my husband. I always knew Josh would be an outstanding father, but to see it unfold is beautiful.  My heart has grown.  It is abundantly full.