If Everyday was my Birthday...

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday. 26. It was a perfect and lovely day, as every birthday is. I was able to savor each moment.

I just love my birthday! It's one day of the year when everything is well in the world. You are showered with love and sweet gifts from those you love. You get to make the call as to what the day entails. You set the pace of the day. Everyone gives you their best all day. It's a beautiful thing. I feel like I'm on cloud nine every year.

With that said, I wish everyday could be my birthday. So I must now ask, "why can't I live each day as though it were my birthday?" 
The cynical part of me wants to answer that it's impossible and reality won't allow everyday to be so picture perfect. But Christ has given us new life in Him, so it is therefore possible! We, as believers, are a new creation and are daily being sanctified to look more like Christ. If I daily live life as it were my birthday I might live more in the fullness of Christ as I've been called to do. 

I'd feel the sweet love of those around me and I'd offer it to others as well. I'd look for and notice the sweet gifts of daily life like the smiles on my boy's darling face and the freshly blossoming flowers in my garden. I'd make a call that with whatever I had to accomplish for the day that I'd choose to be joyful and set a pace that allowed me to abide in Christ throughout.  I'd choose to give everyone my best and perhaps  they'd return the favor. 

Maybe it's a stretch to say that living in the birthday mindset would make me a better follower of Christ, but I think there might be something to it. I think it might align my soul to that of God's. I think it might change the way I go about my day. And I think it might slow me down enough to savor each moment and appreciate the new life I have in Christ. Now that would be a reason to celebrate!