Because Eating at Home is Worthy

There is something intimate about sharing a meal.  I've always valued sitting down at the table with loved ones. I want our table to be the gathering place that unites us with one another as we break bread. 

A few months back, Josh and I decided we needed a meal makeover. Coming off of having a new born, we had made some lousy meal choices due to pure convenience. A frozen meal was better than no meal and so we ate.  It wasn't the nutrient rich, nourishing fuel our bodies needed and craved and thus we realized we needed to make a change.

Enter in Paleo eating. Josh and I have witnessed how my mom and sister have changed their lifestyle for the better through eating paleo for the past year.  We decided to try it.  We found that the result of our change in diet, we felt better physically.  Paleo meals eliminate all processed food. Everything is fresh. All ingredients are natural.  There is a noticeable difference in the way you feel.

A few months in we have found that eating a strict paleo diet is difficult. It's time consuming, expensive, and makes meals with friends challenging. So we've transitioned to what I call eating clean-a modified paleo if you will. When we can we eat fresh, natural ingredients without preservatives. We skip on the processed items and take the time to make homemade food. 
We have  found that our fridge needs to be stocked with good choices. Meals need to be planned to prevent laziness and convince from luring us away from the commitment we've made.  When groceries are bought in advance, it permits us to make the choice to make dinner at home a regular reality.

We have decided that eating at home is a value. So valuable that we are willing to make lifestyle changes. We are now making dinner at home a priority. We are making meal times an event-we want stories to be shared, food to be savored, and God to be glorified as we fellowship with one another. A good meal is worthy to be enjoyed and savored with those we love.

With that said, my fridge is loaded.  I'm ready for the week.


  1. Wow this is great! I love the thought and principle behind it!


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