Looking Through the Lens of our Values

Over the past few months Josh and I have had several conversations about what we value.  So often we feel pulled in so many directions.  The opportunity to do or be a part of so many great things is alluring, but I've found that always saying yes leads to my own personal demise.  

The conversation started one evening when we were discussing what values we hope to pass on to our children.  As we were dream casting it became evident that unless we live a life that demonstrates these values, our children won't truly learn to value these things.  Sometimes life in practice looks different than we would like it to on paper.  This is true in our lives.  Therefore something must change.

After coming up with a list of things we value, we decided that it would be best to make decisions on how we spend our time through the lens of what we value.  We must ask, does this meet one of our objectives?  Maybe it is the teacher in me, but when you only have so much time given, every moment must be purposeful-an objective is always playing a part in each moment of your day.  I think its an issue of stewardship.  We've been given one life on this earth and we must use it well.  I don't believe God gets the glory due to him when we busy ourselves with lots of "good" things, I think he gets the glory he deserves when we live purposefully following His guidance and will.

So for about a month and a half we have been asking the question: Does this propel us towards living out what we value?  When the answer is yes, we move forward.  When the answer is no, we step  back.  Additionally its caused me to think of new ways to spend my time that grow these values in me.  
It is making life more purposeful. 

What do you Value?