A New Home

For those of you who remember my philosophy for shopping, I think you should buy what you love even when you don't know where you want to put it.  Well this was certainly the case for my new vintage chest.  Last weekend when we were garage saling, we slowly drove by a driveway to see if it was worth stopping.  My heart stopped when I saw it!  It was the most beautiful chest.  I knew I had to have it, but I had a few hesitations.  I didn't want to spend a fortune and I didn't know where I'd put it.  As we walked up I glanced at it and saw that they wanted $20 for it...I wanted to spend $8, but thought $10 would be reasonable.  After we looked around we eventually landed near the chest and decided to take a glance.  I truly had decided I just wanted to look, but had no intention of making a purchase.  For months I had been looking for a coffee table (and I'd imagined something similar to this chest), but about a month and a half ago we finally got one--and one that I love at that!  I went to open the drawer, thinking it was a dresser, but was stopped by the owner and was surprised to learn that it was a chest that opened from the top.  The lady cleared it off and let me look inside and walked away.  I decided I had to have it and so I offered them $10 and they took it.  I was so excited that we quickly picked it up and ran to the car before they changed their minds.

Once I got it home, I knew I loved it but had no idea where it would end up.  We tried it as a coffee table, but it was too tall and too narrow.  I hated it.  I then decided to put it in the corner behind our table and there it stays (for now).  I just added a few pieces from around our house and now there is life in a corner of our house which was empty and drab before!

I love it!