Hand Scrub

As I mentioned in my post on my new "garden" my friend Becky gave me a ton of succulents for free!  I was so excited and wanted to get her a little something to say thank you!  I was searching around the blog world when I came across a recipe for gardener's hand scrub. I thought this would be the perfect thank you gift.  So I quickly got to work!

*Dish Soap
*Food Coloring (optional)
*Scrapbooking paper (optional)

First things first: find a bottle.  We had just finished a jar of salsa and I liked its shape, so I cleaned it off and decided to spray paint the lid black.  Then I was ready to begin.  The main ingredient for this hand scrub is sugar, so fill your jar with sugar...now this is what I call easy measuring! 

Then pour the measured sugar into a mixing bowl. 

Then start to add your dish soap and start to mix.  Continue to add dish soap until you achieve the desired consistency.  

Then add some food coloring to give the hand scrub life.

 Mix until the color is blended completely and then scoop into your bottle.

I made a little "label" using scrapbooking paper and some letter stamps.

There you have it, homemade hand scrub!  The best part is that I had all of these supplies on hand in my pantry.  It was a quick easy way to say thank you.  I think I'll have to make a batch for myself!