Southern California Spring Garden Show

Yesterday I returned to South Coast to check out the Spring Garden Show with Josh.  It was just so interesting to see all of the plants and get some ideas from some of the garden decor vendors. 

Here are some of my favorites!

There were quite a few orchid vendors.  I just love orchids, but I also kill orchids.  When Josh and I were first dating he bought me an orchid and within like 4 days it was dead.  I'm convinced it was dying when he gave it to me...I followed all of the directions exactly!  Yet more recently, I kept an orchid for a couple who knows?

I've never seen an orchid like this one..don't worry I didn't buy it!

This was so cool!  They are planters that hang on the wall!

Apparently I am really into succulents.  I really meant to buy some, but didn't want to carry them around the whole time and we forgot to go back! Yet I do have them well documented.  As I was looking through all my photos I realized that I gravitated toward them.  There also were a bunch of really cool trees and flowers...I guess I didn't feel like documenting them.  Sorry friends.

I thought this was so unique!

These are self contained and when you water them you use a syringe.
So you don't have to worry about over watering them

These are all candles!  Now this is Kaitlin proofed gardening!

 The two following pictures are from the same vendor.  I really loved her stuff!  These were my two favorites...

How cool are these chairs?!

On the first floor there were fully decorated outdoor spaces that had been entered in a contest and the winners were on display.   

Josh and I really enjoyed ourselves!  Today is the last day, but if you have a chance run over to South Coast it is worth it!  Check it out at