Twine Not? Day 2 of 5 Days, 5 Ways

You have just got to love the dollar tree!  I picked up this plain white candle there for, you guessed it, one dollar!  I thought I'd do something to give it some life and here is what I came up with...a monogramed candle.  Its a pretty simple project but now this candle is no longer a cheap looking, plain, boring has some substance to it.  

My supplies: twine, a copper letter "S," and a glass candle.  Oh and of course my trusty glue gun.

I used the glue gun to attach the twine.

Then a quick "hair cut."

Attached the "S" with another piece of twine and lit the candle.  Pretty simple.

Love how quick and simple this was.  It took me 5 minutes...maybe. 

Take a look at yesterday's twine project here!


  1. Dollar Tree is awesome! I love your blog series, such a great idea!

    I giggled that you called it a "hair cut!" you're adorable! Thanks for sharing all these great ideas!


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