Chalk Full Day 1 of 5:Chalkie $ Jar

I found myself wondering if you can use chalkboard paint on I just tried it.  The answer is yes you can!

Josh and I have a change jar on our counter that we dump our change into at the end of the day.  We use the money for small purchases-I love to use it for my garage sales-, but needless to say we have this plain boring jar.

So here is my project aka, my quick fix to spruce up the plain old jar.

First I taped off the area I wanted to create into a chalkboard on the glass.  Then I painted over it with the chalkboard paint (two coats) and waited for it to dry.  I then pulled off the tape.  Unfortunately, the tape pulled some of the paint off with it.  Fortunately, I like the gaged edge so it all worked out.

I then had to prime the chalkboard.  This is an important step in all chalkboard projects because if you skip this, whatever you write on your board could possibly become a permanent fixture.  Here is how you prime the board.  Cover the entire board with chalk by rubbing a piece of chalk all over and then erase.  You then are ready to use your chalkboard as expected.

I love the new look.  It really changed what was a boring jar in our kitchen to something a little more interesting.  We even have decided to label what we are "saving" for...this week it is a date night!

I am also happy to announce that this is day 1 of 5 days 5 ways: June!

Be sure to wander over here tomorrow for day 2...

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  1. Oh I need to do this..what a nifty idea. thanks for sharing!

  2. Hadn't thought to chalkboard paint glass but happy to know it works!! Thanks for sharing!! Now to get those jars out...

  3. This is such a cool idea, me and my DH put our change into a big piggybank :) I´m so glad I read this because I had no idea that I needed to cover the chalk-paint with chalk and then erases it to be able to use it the proper way:) Thanks for sharing :)


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