The Tale of a Caddie

I missed a whole day of blogging yesterday...panic mode!  

So I missed you all yesterday, but I had a bit of a hectic day!  Monday evening I got home and has a migraine.  It wiped me out.  I was in bed for something like 14 hours.  Well yesterday was also the day that we got to pick up the Cadillac and so Josh had to wake me up and have me come with him so I could drive our car home as he rode home in style.  My headache was gone, but I was still exhausted from it all.  Once we got home we had to share the car with some friends and then it was off to VBS for the evening.  Right after VBS we had a bunch of the high school youth come over for sorbeto and games.  By the time we got back (to the house we are house sitting at) it was 12:30am and the day was over.  It was a day of thing to thing to thing, but it was a great day.  Needless to say I didn't sit down for a moment (unless you count the time I was sitting in traffic) and so I was unable to blog.  Anyone else able to relate?  Sometimes I feel all alone out there in the busy!

At least we can blog again today.  So here we are!  After such a crazy day, I thought I'd share the craziness of the Price is Right Caddie with you all now!

The lady who "sold" us the car was one of the best parts of the whole experience.  Her name was Julie Johnson (which also happens to be the name of our secretary at church) and she was a kick.  When Josh first got the call Julie said to Josh, "I am Chinese and in Chinese it is very lucky because your price ends in 88 and 88 is very lucky in Chinese!"  Ever since we have called her the Chinese Julie Johnson and we love her truly as does Julie Johnson at our church!  Needless to say we had to get a picture of Julie giving Josh the keys in front of the car!

Right before we went up to Alhabra to pick up the car Josh and I grabbed some lunch.  Our total came to $8.88 and we were so excited and I said we had to share it with Julie.  When we did she was in disbelief.  She said we are very lucky and she asked if we could show her manager who is also Chinese.  Once we did he asked if he could send us to Vegas with some money.

Of course once we got home we had to stop by the church and thank Margie.  When she saw that we were there she ran out screaming and almost excited!  It was the funniest moment!

Afterwards we stopped by Josh's dad's and brother's and Jeremy got a couple of good shots for us with his fabulous new camera (we also have him to thank for the new camera we have since he was upgrading and gave us an awesome price). 

This shot is in honor of Margie...the whole reason Josh was even on the show!  Thanks Margie!

 My husband now thinks he is a gangster...

It is a nice looking car...I know someone out there is going to love it and care for it...if only we could find that person soon!