A Moroccan Experience

I have such an incredible husband.  Before he met me he didn't think much of birthdays, but that all changed when this little one entered his life.  I love birthdays.  They are a big deal to me!  Every gift I give is so thought out and Josh has picked up on this and man has he done a great job!

He absolutely spoiled me this year.  He wanted to make me a special dinner and that was all I knew.  He kicked me out of my house that Friday night and said to not come back until 7.  Fortunately, I got to catch up with Jules over some Starbs, but I knew that he was super excited and that whatever it was...it was going to be great.

When I got home, he instructed to go to our room and change into a beautiful dress and then come out to meet him.  I was stunned and amazed when I did.  He had transformed our home into a scene right out of Morocco.  He even set up a Pandora station with Moroccan music...it was an experience!

He had set up our coffee table as our dinning table for the evening and we got to sit on the floor in a plethora of pillows.  He arranged all of my favorite lanterns around the table and we were surrounded by a sea of candlelight.  It was absolutely beautiful.

Josh prepared a three course meal for us to enjoy.  We started off with some grapes and naan.  Naan, a middle eastern bread, was new to me and absolutely delicious.

Our second course was homemade lettuce wraps and fried rice.  The flavors were incredible and I was pleasantly surprised as Josh had created his own recipes including this incredible sauce.

I was uncertain as to what sort of middle eastern dessert Josh would serve, but I was excited to see that he went out of his way to borrow supplies so that be could make me one of my favorite desserts...creme brulee!

I know that I am one lucky girl!  It was a beautiful night!  He so captured creating an environment that would bring me joy and create a romantic time together!  I love this man!  It was a night I will always remember!


  1. how fun. and these are beautiful pictures! i am your newest follower too!!! i love your blog, im so excited...so many cute fun things...
    thanks girl

  2. Oh how fun! So thoughtful and loving!


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