A Wine Wedding Gift!

My brother-in-law and now sister-in-law got married this past Saturday.  I really wanted to get them something that was a bit more personal than just purchasing something off of their registry and so I got to thinking about putting a little something together for them.  One of the big jokes my husband and I have always had with them was about wine.  When Jeremy was 18 or 19 he told us that wine was going to be a big part of his and Lis' relationship.  Ever since then we have laughed about that and talked about when he turned 21 going wine tasting, well his 21st birthday was just a few days before the wedding and so I thought it'd be fun to put a little wine basket together for the two of them for a wedding gift.  

It all started with a little inspiration.  I was inspired to put together a picnic basket for them and include a bottle of wine and some plastic wine glasses.  Yet as I started to think this out a little further I realized it would be a bit more cohesive to just create a wine basket.  I found this wine box and the inspiration began to flow.

I wanted to include some snacks for them that would accompany the wine well.  Cheese, crackers, nuts, chocolate, and fruit-all which pair well with wine.  I did however want to make sure that these items wouldn't spoil and so I chose to jar some dried mangos, M&Ms, and an assortment of nuts.  I layered peanuts, walnuts, and almunds in a jar to create an assortment of nuts.  

I had saved a few jars from salsa and sauces over the past month for this gift.  I then painted the jars' lids black so they all would go together nicely.  I created some labels on card stock and tied them around the neck of each jar.  

I wanted to create some sort of filling for the basket to fill the empty space and keep the glass items from bumping up against one another.  I decided to recycle some old Trader Joe's bags.  I cut them up into strips and folded them to make a homemade filler.

I filled the wine box with some wine glasses (sage green to go with their home's decor), a bottle of wine placed in my Pottery Barn inspired wine bag (yes this is the whole reason I first decided to make the wine bag...it was the inspiration for my whole series last week), and the jared snacks.

I created a little card to match the labels I created.  The card was our toast to the newly weds!  Of course I had to toast to wine being a big part of their relationship!

Collectively it all came together really nicely.  I love the way the colors play off of each other and it has a very organic look.  

I simply wrapped the box in some cellophane and tied a bow around it with a piece of twine and it was wedding ready!

Altogether the wine gift basket came together really nicely!  I was so excited when my girlfriend came over and thought that I had bought or ordered the whole thing.  I was pleased to tell her it was my own creation!

I like to party here!


  1. Nice Job Kaitlin! If you want to keep making gift baskets (looks like you had fun doing this one!) there is a tool you would really like that you can get at Michaels. I'm not sure what it is called, but it crinkles paper to look like you folded it like you did with the Trader Joe bags. You just put them through it, turn the handle, and you have the same look much faster and easier (then you can cut it into strips) Keep up the creative gifts!

  2. Oh, this is so lovely! Thanks for the inspiration. I'll pin it on pinterest, so I won't forget this :)

  3. Great job! I found you from the blog hop and am now a google follower.


  4. I love this idea! This is something that I personally would love to get as a wedding/anniversary present, and it's something DIY and classy that I would be happy to put together and give. I pinned this on Pinterest so I can remember it for the future. Thanks for sharing this great idea :)


  5. Looks great! What a thoughtful gift!

  6. This is such a cute idea. thank you so much for linking up to my party Show and Share! hope to see you again this week!

    A mommy's life...with a touch of YELLOW

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