Throwback Thursday: Spring Mantle Circa 2011

Welcome to my first Throwback Thursday where we take a stroll down memory lane.  Today we will take a look back at last year's spring mantle.  Compare it with this year's spring mantle and let me know what you prefer?! Without further ado, here is a look at my post from last spring.


Lately I've been into rearranging the decor in my house.  While I was at it, I decided to decorate my mantle.    Here is a peek at what I ended up with!

The mirror and orchid are a staple for my mantle.  I like the height that the orchid provides.  I just started adding things in the color scheme I wanted and here we are! 

A milk glass pot with some fake greenery, my favorite shabby chic frame with a, b, c scrapbooking letters, and a cross.

The cross, an envelope addressed to Josh and me from a friend's wedding invite (I just loved the stamps and so I had to keep it), and my new painting (see more here). 

A framed painting that my mother-in-law gave us during her move and of course the orchid.

Best of all... sets off my TV and makes the decor the focal point!

P.S. I like how it turned out!