Fabulous Fall {Bookshelf Decor}

The change of seasons is always such an inspiring time to decorate and rearrange the everyday pieces of your home.  For awhile I was feeling that my bookshelf was a bit overcrowded-it was time for a change.  I had a few shell items still up and I had to part with the summer and embrace fall, so sadly they are now packed away.  

I was able to simplify and shift gears.  I started by changing my Honolulu framed print to a print of Paris in the fall in the multi-mat frame I made in the summer.  The colors go perfectly with the scheme in my home and 

I then added a wine box and a few wine bottle candles.  Originally I had a decanter filled with wine corks sitting atop the books in the box, but when I made my cork and candle arrangement this week I switched out the decanter for the new display.

The addition of rustic pumpkins beautifully sings fall.  I placed one of the pumpkins on a clear candlestick to give the display some depth.  They are surrounded by a beaded garland which adds interest.

Next to the pumpkins I have a lovely shabby chic frame displaying a photo of Josh and I at a beautiful winery.  A twine candle sits in the center.  

The shelf is a lovely tribute to fall.  I love the simplicity.  I'm glad I have another week of fall to enjoy it!