Chalk Full Day 5 of 5: Framed Chalkboard

I'm excited and sad about our last day of this month's series on 5 Days, 5 Ways!  Today's way is a little bit more common, but I love what it has become in our home.

This frame may look familiar as it is one I got when I first went garage saling.  It, I'm ashamed to admit, has been sitting in our room without anything in it ever since.  When I decided to buy the chalkboard paint, it was one of the first things I thought of using it on.

I decided to use spray paint as a base, just as I did in day 4's, to create an even coat of chalkboard paint.  This, again, worked wonders.  After the spray paint had dried I was a little worried as the glass was still slightly translucent.  Yet once I added the chalkboard paint, that problem was eliminated.  

Now for the good stuff.  I love this chalkboard because it has become an easy way for Josh and me to leave eachother quick little love notes.  We simply set it next to the bed or on our bed.  Today when I came home the note (shown in the first picture) was on our bed and it brought me a smile.  Josh must have put it there while I was out having coffee and he snuck home for lunch.  

My recommendation to you...chalkboard message board in your room.  It makes making the bed in the morning a little more exciting, since you can take a moment to slip a little note in for your man.

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