Dressember! A month of Dresses!

Dresses + December = Dressember!  

What a great time of year to have a little bit of a fashion challenge?!  With parties and events all month long, I can't think of a better time of year to take the challenge to wear a dress everyday.  The month of Dressember is 31 days of only dresses!  You are allowed to repeat the same dress, but I'm hoping (who knows if it will actually happen) to style my dresses differently each time I wear them to come up with 31 unique looks.  

Josh's friend Blythe started this trend a few years ago and I've always wanted to try it and this year I finally had the courage to do so!  This is certainly going to be a challenge for me as many of my dresses are more summery, but I'm challenging myself to make it work!  I'd love for you to join me in this adventure we call Dressember.  Please leave me a comment and let me know if you are joining me for this fabulous challenge!  

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A month of dresses here we come!

Dressember 1st
Dressember 2nd
Dressember 3rd
Dressember 4th
Dressember 5th
Dressember 6th
Dressember 7th
Dressember 8th
Dressember 9th
Dressember 10th
Dressember 11th
Dressember 12th
Dressember 13th
Dressember 14th
Dressember 15th
Dressember 16th
Dressember 17th
Dressember 18th
Dressember 19th
Dresember 20th
Dressember 21st
Dressember 22nd
Dressember 23rd
Dressember 24th
Dressember 25th
Dressember 26th
Dressember 27th
Dressember 28th
Dressember 29th
Dressember 30th


  1. What an awesome challenge! Are you going to post all of your looks?

  2. Yes I am! I actually need to do that-so look back soon


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