Sixteen Dresses!

Variety!  When I look back on these past 16 days I'm amazed at how many different styles I've worn and by how many dresses I actually have.  I think I may try to do no repeats this year.  I actually have enough dresses and it would be a huge challenge to pull it off.  Many of my dresses don't seem to have winter potential, but I've made many of them work already in these past days of Dressember.  

Take a look back on the past 16 days with me!  Read about the story behind each dress!
DRESSember 1st
DRESSember 2nd
DRESSember 3rd
DRESSember 4th
DRESSember 5th
DRESSember 6th
DRESSember 7th
DRESSember 8th
DRESSember 9th
DRESSember 10th
DRESSember 11th
DRESSember 12th
DRESSember 13th
DRESSember 14th
DRESSember 15th
DRESSember 16th


  1. I had some as far back as when I was working. No more. My closet is just about bear. I do not wear many dresses anymore.


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